Marshall Consulting helps midsize and small businesses by understanding their business needs and assisting them to use their resources and assets to maximize achievement of business goals. Specifically, Marshall Consulting helps businesses optimize their business processes and their utilization of technology to maximize productivity and customer satisfaction.
Marshall Consulting helps small businesses get the most out of their personal technology and reimagine how best to increase business while positioning the small business to better serve their customers in the future.

Business Consulting

By taking the time to understand your business goals, and the needs of your target customers we can assist your business to organize to meet your goals and satisfy your customers. By helping to structure business processes so that customers can be serviced more efficiently and at lower cost to the business, Marshall Consulting can assist you to meet your goals.

Process Mapping

Documenting your internal processes is one of the keys to improving business performance. It supports business optimization and enables repeatability. Marshall Consulting consultants have over 30 years of business process mapping experience. Our goal is to document your processes and train you to do the same.

Process Optimization

Eliminating redundant or unnecessary process steps and streamlining processes to meet current customer requirements can provide a business with resources to address additional goals and customer needs. Marshall Consulting has extensive experience in process optimization for large and small organizations.

Automation Support

With over 90 combined years in the computer industry, Marshall Consulting can assist your automation efforts with hardware and software support. We can recommend hardware and/or software to meet your needs.
Our sister company, Marshall Computing, can get you the best prices and assist you with installation and training.

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